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Technical Equipment
  NC Drilling Machine
  NC Cutting Machine
  250T Gantry Crane
  Detection Device
  Swedish Welding Equipment
  NC Center
  Bending Machine
  Plasma Cutting Machine
  Flanging Machine
  Flash Butt Welder
  Test Center
  Plate Preprocessing line
  Seven-Roller Plate Roller
  NC Flame Cutting Machine
  Intersection Cutting Machine
  NC Drilling Machine
  Arc Welding Center
  Plate Flattening Machine
  Member Flattening Machine
  Electric Steelmaking
  NC Milling Machine for Turnout
  NC Milling Machine for 21m Turnout
  NC Milling Machine for Turnout
  NC Milling Machine for High Manganese Steel Crossings
  Heat Treatment of Crossings
  Machining of High Manganese Steel Crossings
  Spectrum Analyser
  Giant 5000T Press Machine
  40m NC Milling Machine
  Clean and Orderly Workshop
  Plate Unit Assembly Line
  NC Plasma Underwater Cutting Machine
  Flanging Machine
  German Flat Car for Girder Transport
  API Quick Tracking Measuring Instrument
  Floor Type Boring and Milling Machine
  Plate Roller
  18m End Milling Machine
  600T Double Girder Gantry Crane
  3000T Heavy Load Dock
  Steel Structure Workshop

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