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TIDC Wins Three Bids in Steel Bridge Market
Published:2014-03-21 15:39:27    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:2839


Recently Tycoon Industrial Development Co., Ltd (TIDC) actively developed the steel bridge market and won three bids successively.

First, fabrication and erection of 2,661.2 tons of steel box girders for Zhengzhou Longhai Road Rapid Passage project BT section.

The project starts from west of Zhongzhou Avenue in the west and ends at Shilipu Street in the east. The elevated bridge on main line is 950.347m long, 2-way and 6-lane, and standard bridge width of 25.5m. The interchange of Zhongzhou Avenue include 10 directional ramps with the standard width of 8.0m, 9.0m and 13.0m. The quantity of the project is about 2,661.2 tons and the construction period is 240 days.

It is reported that the bridge is the first public project contracted by TIDC in Zhengzhou, which lays a good foundation for the company's steel bridge and structure products to enter into Zhengzhou market.

Second, fabrication and erection of 730 tons of steel pipe arch bridge in Maoci village, Lanzhou.

This bridge is located at Maoci village, Shuping town, Yongdeng county, Lanzhou city. It spans 4 expressway ramps. It designed as rigid tied arch with span of 128m. Two arch ribs are arranged, which is made of steel pipe concrete with outer diameter of 1,300mm and wall thickness of 26mm, dumbbell-shaped section. The center distance between upper and lower chord pipe is 2.2m. The arch rib section is 3.5m tall.

And thirdly, the contract of steel box girders for interchange of Yingbin Avenue and South Ring Road in Xianyang signed with China Railway No.21 Bureau 3rd Company on March 13.

The bridge is located at Zhouling town, Xianyang city. It is a steel box girder bridge spanning airport expressway in ramp B of the interchange. The total weight is about 202 tons. The construction period is 90 days. The curved external web plate is used for the main girder and all girders are 1.7m tall. The flange plate of box girder is 2.0m long and the end of cantilever is 0.2m thick. The box girder is in a diagonal place and laid with equal thickness. The longitudinal and transverse slope is adjusted with the wedge block at the bottom of box girder. The supporting seat remains level, and the box girders are braced for two spans.

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