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Successful Erection of The First Segment of Composite Girder for HZMB
Published:2013-12-13 09:23:50    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:3712


The first segment of composite girder for the world longest sea bridge, Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB), was erected on the pier in Lingdingyang Bay by 3,000 tons Tianyi floating derrick on December 2, which indicated the basic completion of substructure of the bridge and the beginning of construction of superstructure. The first segment of composite girder belongs to Section CB05 which has 148 segments of composite girders totally, and CRBBG takes fabrication of the part of steel girders in it.

The first segment of composite girder is 85.3 meters long, 16.3 meters wide, 4.3 meters high for the center girder, and weighs about 1,900 tons, erecting between Pier 191 and Pier 192 of the non-navigable span bridge. A flow line method was used for manufacturing of the steel girder in composite girder, i.e. the panel was produced on the automatic production line for panels in Yangzhou company, then shipped to Zhongshan facilities by river and ocean combined transportation, where assembled and welded into integral steel girder, which took the lead in realizing "shopped" operation for assembly of large steel box girders, and finally reamed, blasted, painted, and assembled with the bridge deck, and shipped to the pier site for installation by Tianyi floating crane.

The successful erection of the first segment of composite girder marks a milestone breakthrough in the construction of the bridge.

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