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The 60kg/m No.12 Alloy Steel Crossing Passes CRGL's Sci-Tech Achievements Review
Published:2013-11-28 15:16:01    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:2837


CRBBG's Turnout R&D Department developed 60kg/m rail No.12 assembled alloy steel crossing, passed the sci-tech achievements review which was organized by China Railway Group Limited (CRGL) in Chengdu, Sichuan on November 7.

The 60kg/m rail No.12 assembled alloy steel crossing is a new type one developed to meet the requirement of continuous welded rail track betweenn turnout and plain track, aiming at problems in the existing alloy steel crossing which is assembled with common rails and forged alloy steel point rail. During the preparation, CRBBG's project team focused on material of wing rail, wheel-rail relations of point rail and wing rail, connection between point rail and wing rail as well as stiffness homogenization thereof. By the research on wheel-rail relation, the lowering and scope of top surface of point rail and the rising and scope of wing rail were optimized, which improved the flatness of top surface of crossing, reduce the impact of wheel to point rail and wing rail, ease the wear of crossing, and prolong the crossing's service life. At the same time, a wedged structure of 4 degrees was adopted between point rail and block, which strengthened the integral stability of the crossing and had got a patent for "Assembled alloy steel crossing with wedged structure", and also, optimized the arrangement and form of the blocks and improved the stiffness homogenization of the crossing.

The experts arrived at an agreement after serious evaluation that the research of the project established a set of manufacturing technology with mature processes and stable quality; the total through put of the product was up to above 200 million tons when laying on track and had good effect in operation; and the integral technology had reached the Domestic Leading level. The successful manufacturing and operation on track of this crossing meet the railway transportation demands, and with the approval by the sci-tech achievements review, its application prospect will be further broadened to meet the demand of continuous development of railway construction in China.

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