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Ningbo Daxie 2nd Bridge is Completed and Open to Traffic
Published:2013-10-28 17:02:09    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:3053


At a.m.8:08 on October 28, Ningbo Daxie 2nd Bridge fabricated by CRBBG was officially completed and open to traffic.

Located over Huangzhi River between Beilun District of Ningbo and Daxie Island, this bridge is an important traffic aisle for Daxie Island to communicate with the outside. The completion and operation of the bridge are of great significance to ease the traffic pressure of Daxie Combined Bridge, guarantee the external traffic safety of Daxie Island, perfect the collecting and distributing network of Ningbo Port, and accelerate the development and construction of the island.

The main bridge is a double-tower single cable plane curved box girder cable-stayed bridge with the overall length of 808 meters. The steel box girder of main bridge is composed of three parts, straight section, broadened section and transition curve section, with the total weight of about 12,565 tons. The cable bent tower is a composite structure with double columns forming a sail shape in the longitudinal direction. Reinforced concrete joint is used for connection of the steel column and the concrete column, and all-welded connection is used between steel tower segments. The weight of steel column is about 2,160 tons.

CRBBG undertakes fabrication, painting and field welding of steel box girders and steel towers of the bridge, as well as purchase and installation of lifting mechanism outside the tower, elevator inside the tower, dehumidifier and ventilation system.

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