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Vice President Ma Li Arrives at CRBBG for Inspection
Published:2013-10-22 08:24:35    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:3066


On October 18, a group of 5 people from China Railway Group Limited (CRGL), Vice President Ma Li, Director of President Office (Party Commission Office) Yang Yutang, Director of Financial Department Yang Liang, Director of Strategic Planning Department Zhou Minzhong and Deputy Director thereof Fang Rui, arrived at CRBBG for inspection. CRBBG Chairman of the Board Huang Zhenyu, Secretary of Party Committee Hong Jun and General Manager Li Zongmin, accompanied the visitors.

At the report meeting held in the 2F meeting room in CRBBG, G.M. Li made a brief report on the production and management of CRBBG from January to September this year, establishment and execution of the 12th Five-Year strategic plan, implementation of comprehensive budget management information construction (CBMIC) pilot project, enterprise risk management and control, education and training of workers and staff, audit work, reform and development of subsidiaries and branches, and assets operation status by Hongda. Chairman Huang made a complementary speech on the establishment and execution of the 12th Five-Year strategic plan. Secretary Hong reported CRBBG's mass line educational practice activity and safeguard stability work. And Chief Accountant Pan Zhijun made a report on the company's management promotion activity, financial budget implementation, and progress and status of CBMIC pilot project.
V.P. Ma made an important speech and first of all, he fully affirmed the achievements made by CRBBG. First, since the beginning of this year, the company overcame the difficulties, grasped the opportunities and persisted in priority to quality and benefit, thus all targets had been hit and the realization of annual operation target could be expected soon; secondly, Yangzhou and Nanjing company played a role in the development strategy of Eastward Advancement and Double Expansion and had achieved initail success, which effectively settled the problems of geographic restriction for production and product transportation; thirdly, CRBBG paid high attention to petition letters and visits as well as safeguard stability; and fourthly, the practical and steady leadership had built an adequately creditable enterprise by stressing on enterprise management and construting cooperate culture.

Finally V.P. Ma presented requirements to CRBBG on how to persist in priority to quality and benefit and realize sustaining and steady development. First, to seize the opportunity, detail the market, study the situation and make accurate orientation for a prospective strategic planning; secondly, to strengthen scientific research and develop new products with the goal of "creative, surpassing and excellent"; thirdly, to enhance management and do well management promotion and CBMIC pilot project, and timely summarize the experiences; fourthly, to pay special attention to quality and benefit and keep the impetus of steady development; fifthly, with the concern and support of CRGL, try to solve the survival, development and stability of its branch company (China Railway Baoji Machinery Co., Ltd); and sixthly, being solid and practical, to deeply carry out the mass line educational practice activity in order to provide the strong security of work style for reform and development of the enterprise.

Secretary Hong, on behalf of the leadership of CRBBG, addressed that to a certainty, CRBBG would carry out the spirit of the speech of CRGL leaders and hold all workers and staff together to do all works well so as to ensure the completion of all targets of the year.

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