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Maanshan Yangtze River Highway Bridge is Completed
Published:2013-08-20 16:17:05    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:3097


In the past few days, along with the successful closure of the cable stayed bridge over right branch, Maanshan Yangtze River Highway Bridge, jointly fabricated by CRBBG, taking a construction period of five years and attracting many people's attention, was completed for the whole line and anticipated to be open to traffic at the end of this year.

With a total investment of 7,078 million yuan, Maanshan Yangtze River Highway Bridge is the state key project as well as the "861" project of Anhui province. The overall length of the bridge is 36.14 km and the length of main part over the river is 11 km. The expressway standard of two-way six-lane is adopted for the whole line. The Jiangxinzhou Islet divided the bridge into two parts, one is the cable stayed bridge over right branch close to Maanshan, which is the first cable stayed bridge with three arched towers and double spans in China; the other is the suspension bridge over left branch close to Hexian County, the main span of which takes the lead among the same type of bridges in the world, and a great breakthrough has been made for the span level from hectometer to kilometer for suspension bridge with three towers and double spans.

In this project that has drawn the attention of the world, CRBBG undertakes the fabrication of 6,500 tons of tower columns for center tower and 32,000 tons of box girders, for the suspension bridge over left branch. For more than one year, a "double-victory", i.e. capping of tower columns and closure of box girders, has been achieved successively through the great efforts and meticulous construction of all staff of the company. Particularly for the center tower, fabricated by CRBBG, with a height of 175.8 meters and reflecting local characteristics of Anhui province, the one-time acceptance rate for tightening of 280,000 sets of high strength bolts is up to 100%, which create the best record for steel tower fabrication and erection for bridges in China.

The completion of Maanshan Yangtze River Highway Bridge ends the history of ferry life of local residents, promotes Anhui province to be better integrated into Yangtze River delta area, and is of great significance for the eastward strategy and the harmonious development along the Yangtze River.

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