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CRBBG Sets Up Xi'an Qujiang Sightseeing LRT
Published:2013-07-11 08:13:38    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:3180


Born in 1960s, growing in reform and opening-up, delevoping in market economy and prosperous at present, China Railway Baoji Bridge Group Co., Ltd (CRBBG), China Top 100 Fabricators for Transit Facilities and China Top 500 Fabricators for Machinery, extends its business to urban rail transit facilities besides its mature products of steel bridges, steel structures, railway turnouts and large hoisting machinery. In a short few years, it ushers in a new opportunity for profit growth.

80% share in domestic urban rail transit market

Soon Xi'an Sightseeing Light Rail Transport (LRT) in Qujiang New District, which has attracted many people's attention, will be put into operation. At that time the tourists will have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery along the line in Xi'an, such as Greater Wild Goose Pagoda, Tang Paradise, Tang City Wall Ruins Park and Hanyao Ruins Park. It is reported that this sightseeing LRT is a straddle aerial rail transit system, with an overall length of 9.3 km and integrating tourism and transport, which is the longest tourist LRT in China at present. The locomotive is wholly powerdriven and running with rubber wheels, which highlight the line with no noise and zero pollution. Among which, CRBBG undertakes the fabrication and erection of 5,700 tons of columns, track beams and bearings, which is also the first key systematic project as CRBBG explores its market and enters into the field of new urban rail transit. CRBBG occupies half share of domestic steel bridge and turnout market and 80% share of urban rail transit market. And it also expands its production capacity of mechanical products at Baoji headquarters as well as constructs an industrial park for urban rail products, which have become a new opportunity for profit growth.

Urban rail transit is a new territory that CRBBG is involed in in recent years, especially the low-to-median speed maglev system, straddle rail transit and skytrain, participated and developed by CRBBG, are the newly emerging industries in China. Now CRBBG's rail transit industrial park with an investment of near 100 million Yuan is under construction.

An increase trend of 35 years continual profiting

CRBBG keeps an increase trend of 35 years continual profiting. It first achieved "Double Billion" in 2005, broke through "Double Two Billion" in 2008, and completed a new contract amount of 4.35 billion yuan in 2012. The four major businesses, i.e. steel bridges, railway turnouts, hoisting machinery and urban rail transit facilities, are prospering in the trade.

The Han River Bridge, Nanjing 2nd Yangtze River Bridge and Nanjing 3rd Yangtze River Bridge, participated by CRBBG, have been awarded National Quality Engineering Golden Medal respectively in China's bridge circles. After setting up many China's Firsts, such as China's First Tower - steel tower of Nanjing 3rd Yangtze River Bridge, China's First Heavy Tower - middle tower of Taizhou Yangtze River Suspension Bridge, China's First Crane - 1100T double beam gantry crane (with double-trolley), and 250km/h and 350km/h high speed turnouts, CRBBG brings forward the strategy of "Going Outside", i.e. on the basis of occupying the railway market in Southeast Asia and Africa, the railway turnouts and high manganese steel crossings gradually enter into the developed countries.


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