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Linkup of Yangtze River Delta with 100 Sets of High Speed Turnouts Manufactured by CRBBG
Published:2013-07-08 16:32:50    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:3127


On July 1, Nanjing-Hangzhou and Hangzhou-Ningbo high speed railways, participated by CRBBG, were officially open and went into operation, which proclaimed the linkup of the last "Gilt-Edge" in the high speed railway network of Shanghai-Nanjing-Hangzhou delta area. Among which, the 100 sets of 350 km/h high speed turnouts manufactured by CRBBG had become the "Flagship Product" for the construction of Nanjing-Hangzhou high speed railway.

The operation of Nanjing-Hangzhou-Ningbo high speed railways has greatly shortened the travel time of interurban passangers in the Yangtze River delta area. With the high speed railways, the travel time of railways from Nanjing to Hangzhou is shortened from more than 3 hours to 70 minutes, over half reduction; from Hangzhou to Ningbo only about 1 hour; and from Shanghai to Ningbo only 1 hour and 40 minutes to the minimum, with 70 minutes saved compared with the original time schedule.

Nanjing-Hangzhou-Ningbo high speed railways focus on interurban transport. The operation kilometers of Nanjing-Hangzhou line are 256 km, with 11 stations along the whole line, i.e. South Nanjing, Jiangning, West Gourong, Lishui, Wawushan, Liyang, Yixing, Changxing, Huzhou, Deqing and East Hangzhou. The operation kilometers of Hangzhou-Ningbo line are 155 km, with 7 stations along the whole line, i.e. East Hangzhou, South Hangzhou, North Shaoxing, North Shangyu, North Yuyao, Zhuangqiao and Ningbo. The design speed of the above two lines is 350 km/h and the initial operation speed is 300 km/h. 51.5 pairs of EMU trains are arranged for the lines and the average daily passanger capacity can be up to 150,000 seats.

The opening of Nanjing-Hangzhou-Ningbo high speed railways indicates the initial forming of high speed railway network in Yangtze River delta area, which is of great significance for the improvement of economic and social development along the line as well as for the acceleration of urbanization and integration of Yangtze River delta area.

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