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SASAC 4th Inspection Group Arrives at CRBBG for Inspection
Published:2013-07-04 16:13:34    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:3304


On June 28, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) 4th inspection group 1st subgroup, composed of Deputy Director Li Zhanyong and members Yu Xuefan and Jia Lijun, arrived at CRBBG for inspection. China Railway Group Limited (CRGL) Director of President's Office Yang Yutang, CRBBG leaders Huang Zhenyu, Hong Jun, Li Zongmin, Huang Mingcang, Pan Zhijun, Liang Shilai, Zhang Lin, Wang Huiping, Dong Yanlu, and Directors of relevant deparments, accompanied the visitors.

At the symposium held on the 2nd floor of the company, the inspection group firstly listened to "CRBBG's Party Committee Work Report" made by Secretary Hong, and then interviewed top management members and relevant department directors on the aspects such as putting into effect the responsibility system of construction of the Party conduct and of an honest and clean government and the incorruptible performance regulations, execution of the central government's eight rules and the improvement of work style, execution of the Party's political discipline, execution of democratic centralism and cadre selection and appointment regulations, and exertion of political core function of the Party Committee of the company.

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