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CRC Specail Meeting on High Speed Turnout Quality is held in CRBBG
Published:2013-06-20 14:39:10    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:3407


On June 7, the special meeting on high speed turnout quality organized by China Railway Corporation Engineering Management Center (CRCEMC) was held in CRBBG. Over 30 experts from turnout manufacturers, parts suppliers and PDL turnout localization R&D group, as well as CRBBG Chairman of the Board Huang Zhenyu, General Manager Li Zongmin and Deputy General Manager Dong Yanlu, were present at the meeting. CRCEMC Deputy Director and Professor Senior Engineer Guo Fu'an presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, the high speed turnout localization R&D group made a report on the operation status of China's self developed 350km/h PDL turnouts on Wuhan-Guangzhou line, CN turnout series on Beijing-Tianjin intercity line and CZ turnout series on Hefei-Nanjing line. According to the statistics, totally 3,200 sets of Chinese localized high speed turnouts have been safely operated on 8,000 km PDLs from 2006 up to now, and the overall quality can equal CN high speed turnouts on Beijing-Tianjin intercity line which is manufactured by Chinese New Turnout Technologies Co., Ltd (CNTT). The research group also cleared up the existing issues and determined the research subject as well as the completion division and time.

CRBBG, China Railway Shanhaiguan Bridge Group Co., Ltd and China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Co., Ltd made detailed reports on supply and use, quality management, innovation of manufacturing technology, after-sales service, comments and suggestions of high speed turnouts, respectively. The high speed turnout part suppliers, China Railway Fangshan Bridge Co., Ltd, China Railway Longchang Railway Equipment Company, Zhuzhou Times New Materials Company, Xinji Tengyue Company and Tianjin Signal Plant, made reports on quality control of bearers, clamps, bolts, sulfurized elastic plate and point machine, respectively.

The experts came to an agreement at the meeting that for the key equipment of high speed railways, the localization of high speed turnouts in CNTT was up to 80%; CRBBG comprehended and absorbed the French technology; and Tianjin Signal Plant was approved by IRIS certification, thus China's turnout manufacturing level had reached the world advanced level with good operation condition and greatly reduced cost. The next step was to constantly improve the smoothness of train when passing the turnouts by means of technical innovation and improvement, so as to provide better guarantee in technology and equipment for China's railway construction.

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