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Approval of Welding Procedure & Fabrication Rules for Steel Box Girders of Jiangshun Bridge
Published:2013-06-09 08:31:15    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:2797


In the past few days, Jiangshun Bridge Supervision Office of Guangdong Hualu Traffic Technology Co., Ltd, held the review meeting for Welding Procedure Qualification (WPQ) test and fabrication acceptance rules for steel box girders of Jiangshun Bridge, in Yangzhou, Jiangsu. Jiangmen Jiangshun Bridge Construction Management Office, Jiangmen Traffic Engineering Quality Supervision Station, Guangdong Highway Survey & Design Institute Corporation, China Railway Jiangshun Bridge Contractor and CRBBG, attended the meeting.

The experts and representatives firstly listened to the reports on Fabrication Process Plan, WPQ Test Conclusion and Fabrication Acceptance Rules made by CRBBG, as well as the preliminary review comments made by the supervision uint, and reviewed corresponding documentations. They considered after adequate discussion that the WPQ Test Conclusion proposed by CRBBG included complete contents and information and reliable test data; the welding process, welding materials and welding procedure used in the test were proper; the welding tests covered all joint types of this bridge; and the mechnical properties of welded joints met the design requirement, thus it could be the basis for preparing welding procedure for steel box girders of Jiangshun Bridge. The Fabrication Acceptance Rules, for steel box girders of Jiangshun Bridge, absorbed successful experiences and achievements in scientific research of fabrication of large steel box girders in China, and was prepared based on the technical specifications for highway bridge construction process and the design documents and incorporating structural features of this bridge, which was complete and practical and could be the standard for fabrication and acceptance of steel box girders of this bridge after submittal and approval.

The successful holding of this meeting laid foundation for the commencement of fabrication of Jiangshun Bridge.

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