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CRTE Accomplishes Production Task in the First Quarter
Published:2013-04-08 11:14:13    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:2915


China Railway Track Equipment Co., Ltd (CRTE) manufactured 251 sets of turnouts and 986 pieces of mating parts in the first quarter, thus accomplished production task for the key projects such as turnouts exported to Thailand, Hefei hinge PDL turnouts, Liuzhou-Nanning PDL turnouts, Shanghai-Kunming PDL turnouts, mating parts for Beijing-Shijiazhuang PDL GLC turnouts, Nanjing metro, Beijing metro and Shanghai metro.

In the first quarter, CRTE organized production with scientific ERP system, and strictly carried out production in sections and shifts; besides the company paid special attention to the supply of turnout parts and components such as plates. All production in the company was executed strictly according to the Production Operation Plan, and all departments took measures to guarantee a smooth process of production, aiming at the year goal of "Ensure safety, increase output, achieve effect and profit, stress quality and set up brand".

In the work, CRTE firstly executed efficient fine management depending on the refined production plan management and organization system, truly playing the role of instruction and command in production. Secondly, took advantage of "One talent with multiple skills" and fully organized and used the human resources. Personnel who have finish the work in the previous process timely went into the subsequent process, thus to improve the production capacity. Thirdly, adjusted shifts and improve shift productivity. The shift productivity had increased by 40% for some processes in March, the key production stage.

Moreover, Technical Equipment Department speeded up product data maintenance, technical process sheet, assembly process and numerical control machining procedure, enhanced equipment inspection and maintenance, and transferred technical service to the front line of production. Quality Management Department strengthened internal management and supply of subcontracted parts, and actively cooperated with relevant units to optimize fixtures and inspection templates. Logistics Department overcame the difficulty of staff shortage and worked overtime to ensure timely transportation of products.

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