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Closure of Two Yangtze River Bridges Participated by CRBBG
Published:2013-03-18 14:47:05    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:3014


Recently, Chongqing Dongshuimen Yangtze River Bridge and suspension bridge of left part of Maanshan Yangtze River Highway Bridge participated by CRBBG, were closed successively.

Chongqing Dongshuimen Yangtze River Bridge has double-tower structure and 445 meters main span. The span and stay cable force of this bridge take the first in the world in the dual-purpose single-cable-plane cable stayed bridges at present. Since CRBBG won the bid for fabrication of 23,700 tons of steel truss girders of this bridge in Septemeber 2011, the staff had overcome many difficulties such as great difficulty in fabrication and hard shield over the river, and successfully realized the closure of the bridge.

Maanshan Yangtze River Highway Bridge is another "Milestone" in China's bridge construction history. It is composed of two parts, suspension bridge over left branch and cable stayed bridge over right branch. In which, the suspension bridge has 2x1,080 meters span and three towers, which takes the first in the same kind of bridges in the world. CRBBG undertakes the fabrication of 6,500 tons for steel tower and 32,000 tons for steel box girders of this suspension bridge. In the plant fabrication and site construction, the staff overcame technical difficulties and strictly executed quality standard, thus realized the "miracle" that the one-time acceptance rate for the tightening of 280,000 sets of high strength bolts was up to 100%, and handed in a satisfactory answer sheet to the society and Anhui people.

The two bridges are also the 11th and 12th "custom-built" bridge of ten thousand tons over Yangtze River, which further establish the leading position of CRBBG in the field of bridge fabrication in China.

It is reported that Chongqing Dongshuimen Yangtze River Bridge and Maanshan Yangtze River Highway Bridge will be open to traffic in this year.

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