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CRBBG Baoji Qiaoyuan Steel Structure Co., Ltd


CRBBG Baoji Qiaoyuan Steel Structure Co., Ltd, with the investment of cash of 3,000,000 RMB by China Railway Baoji Bridge Group Co., Ltd and net assets of 2,795,000 RMB by Switch Parts Plant (originally subject to Baoji Bridge Plant) under Baoji Xinyong General Plant, is a subsidiary company controlled by CRBBG with independent corporate capacity.

With an area of 16,668 square meters, the company has a registered capital of 5,795,000 RMB, total assets of 74,300,000 RMB, and 197 sets of machining equipment.

The company is in the field of fabrication and erection of small steel bridges and steel structures, manufacturing of railway turnout parts, machining and mould casting. The sales income in 2010 is up to 120 million RMB.

The company sets up 9 management departments, 1 addministrative office, 5 workshops, and one steel structure branch company.

The company now owns 316 employees, including 28 engineering and economic management personnel. In which, 5 are with medium professional rank and 2 are senior engineers.

From the establishment of the company, it has participated in fabrication of state-key projects, including Wuhu Yangtze River Bridge, Nanjing 2nd Yangtze River Bridge, Shantou Bay Bridge, and Angola postwar resettlement project, and in manufacturing of boiler steel structures in main buildings for Datang Huxian Power Co., Ltd, Datang Huating Power Co., Ltd, Datang Weihe Power Co., Ltd, Datang Baoji Thermo-Eletric Plant, and Huaneng Qinling Power Co., Ltd. And it has independently contracted and completed a lot of state-key projects, including fuel simulation attitude frame for Shaanxi Aircraft Industry (Group) Company and Xi'an Aircraft Industry (Group) Company, Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Railway Bridge, extra-high voltage test hall for Xi'an Power Group Xi'an High Voltage Electrical Apparatus Institute, Houhe River Bridge at Wanyuan Station on Hubei-Chongqing multitrack railways, SK-4901 antenna pedestal for China Electronic Science and Technology Group No.39 Institute, 36,500 square meters of assembly workshop for large numerical control machine construction project of Hanchuan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd, and 40,000 square meters of steel structure workshop for Guohe Baoji Titanium and Zirconium Industry Co., Ltd.

The annual capacity of the company is up to 12,000 tons of steel structures, 2,000 tons of precision casts and 6,000 sets of railway turnout parts.

Always adhering to CRBBG's enterprise ideal of "Develop CRBBG, Contribute to Society, and Enrich Employees", the company makes efforts to construct the enterprise spirit of "Eternal Pioneering and Infinite Innovation", elaborately fosters the enterprise core values of "Credit Founds an Enterprise, Mutual Benefit and Win-Win", and promotes Qiaoyuan Steel Structure to be ascended in large and medium steel structure manufacturers rank in Shaanxi province with its excellent quality.

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